We are on our way now, and looking forward to meet you all in just a few days

8 Jul

Finally we are of to Canada to start up our first tour together, and we can hardly wait!

We are bringing a lot of music from Scandinavia, including some new stuff that we will perform together for the first time ever. Traditional music as well as some of our own compositions.

Anna, Maja and Elise are already in Seattle, after teaching at Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, and Kristian and Morten will be flying in from Denmark on Tuesday the 9th of July.

That will give the band a couple of days before Thursday the 11th of July, where we do a house concert in Seattle, our first full concert ever. Each band will do a set, and then we will all finish of together.

After Seattle we will drive to Vancouver BC to start the Canadian tour at the Rogue Folk Club, and we hope to se you there. More info about the concerts here!